At Total Cable Contracting, we are a full-service cable contracting company specializing in underground cabling solutions.

Our list of services will give you a better understanding of exactly what we offer, and how we have become a trusted, professional total cable contractor.


  • Directional Drilling; with various models of DitchWitch (R) directional drills, including the 922, 1220, 2220 & 3020 models, we are able to capitalize on the breakthrough technology in directional drilling. By making possible the automation of pipeloading, cruise control while drilling and backreaming, and many other formerly manual tasks, sophisticated, Mach 1 electronics make the directional drilling machine operator a lot more productive, saving the customer money.

  • Vibratory Plowing; With the RT 115 Ditch Witch Quad Plow, Total Cable Contracting's choice of walk-behind vibratory plows lead their respective horsepower classes in power, performance, durability and ease of use, enabling installation of utility lines faster and more efficiently than ever before.

  • Fibre jetting is a technique used to install cables in ducts. It is commonly used to install cables with optical fibers in underground polyethylene ducts and is an alternative to pulling. Advantages of the technique allows Total Cable Contracting: to reach longer installation distances, less dependent installation distance on bends and undulations in ducts, forces exerted on the cable are lower, easier use jet in tandem operation, the step of installing a winch rope to be avoided as well as the equipment is needed only at one end of the duct route.

  • Hydrovac is dedicated to daylighting utilities and is used primarily for the ability to not damage other utilities that are running in the line. Hydrovac has other applications, including pole installations.

  • Poly Fusion - This process actually melts the poly pipe together, avoiding the use of splices and will never come apart

  • Small Excavation - 4 Mini backhoes

  • Trenching; with a DitchWitch Zahn Trencher R300 in the fleet, the Zahn trenching machines are designed to install underground systems and utilities as well as perform other trenching tasks in traditional fashion with non-traditional power, speed, and efficiency. Equipped with a unique InterChange connection that accepts two types of highly productive trenchers, the R300 trencher delivers superior trenching performance on even the tightest job sites.

  • Asphalt Recycler

  • Wood Chipper - Vermeer 600 xl